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Bridal Showers

Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower / Kitchen Tea / Hen's Party is a Pre-Wedding ritual in which close relatives and friends of the bride-to-be gather together for a party in her honour, and traditionally, bring gifts to prepare her for married life.

What’s the etiquette in hosting a Bridal Shower?

In times gone by, these events were typically held 2-3 weeks out from the wedding and would be attended by female guests only. However, as we move into a new modern age of more elobate celebrations and Pinterest-worthy parties, we are seeing the Pre-Wedding events moved out to around 4-8 weeks prior to the wedding - to minimise stress and space out the festivities. There has also been a shift in the guest list; which now may include any close male friends, as opposed to being strictly ladies’ business.

It's long been customary for the Maid of Honour or Bridesmaids to throw the Bridal Shower, however, in this day and age we all lead busy lives and sometimes could do with a helping hand.

We offer a number of services to assist with the preparation and coordination of the event; including but not limited to: hosting games, serving snacks and the ensuring the smooth running of the entire event. We can also provide styling advice, as well as prop hire.

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