Working together to ensure we are all kept safe in a COVID Normal world!

For your peace of mind, we know that it’s important to share with you how we’re addressing health and safety behind the scenes. In addition to meeting COVID-Safe & DHHS Requirements, there are other measures we’ve put into place, you can read below, about our actions to ensure the safety of our customers and staff.

In line with DHHS Stage 4 requirements: 

  • We have a COVID Safe Plan in place that is regularly updated on a weekly basis 
  • We collect records of all workers, subcontractors, customers and clients attending the work premises for 15 minutes or longer (certain exemptions will apply)
  • We ensure that any workers that can work from home are able to do so
  • We ensure one worker per 4 square metres at all times
  • We ensure that team members do not work across multiple sites, or for multiple employers
  • We ensure that workers are in good health – we take daily temperature checks of all staff upon arrival to work and keep record of these checks
  • We are prepared to report any positive cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) to DHHS, Worksafe, Health and Safety Representatives, and notify our team members immediately in the event of a positive case
  • We regularly clean our facilities, shared spaces and provide additional cleaning supplies. We have a twice daily cleaning schedule and once weekly deep clean
  • We undertake risk assessments for cleaning and the potential closure of your workplace in certain situations

In addition to the above, we have implemented the following: 

  • All staff have completed the ‘Infection Control Training’ by the Australian Department of Health.
  • We provide face masks for all staff, in accordance with Victorian requirements. 
  • We provide individual (personal use) hand sanitiser pumps at every work station, in all transport vehicles.
  • We disinfect all surfaces and equipment twice daily
  • We work in staggered shifts and we stagger client appointments / pick up / return times, so there are minimal people in our warehouse space at any one time. 
  • Only allow the minimum number of staff required on-site at any one time
  • Complete a deep clean of all hire equipment when returned

We will continue to make changes as required, to prioritise the safety of our customers and staff.

For any questions, please contact us at

Always Eventive Group Pty Ltd – ABN: 70 641 522 672