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With a baa and a moo and an oink, oink too. Always Eventive want to celebrate your birthday with you!

Are you planning a farmyard birthday? There are wagon-loads of Barnyard activities to choose from! Invite Always Eventive to make your event unique and unforgettable.

30 Min

1 Hour

1.5 Hour

2 Hour

2.5 Hour

3 Hour

Our most popular package for children aged 0-4 years' old is our 1.5-hour Tiny Tots package (recommended for up to 15 children).

You’ll receive your choice of theme and character, up to 40 minutes of face painting (or balloon twisting), colouring competition, up to 40 minutes of tailored storytelling which includes games such as ‘pass the parcel’, ‘musical freeze’, bubbles, ribbon wands, lots of singing and dancing & of course time for cutting of the cake. Each storybook is tailored to the theme and everything your child loves; including their favourite songs.

For children aged 4+, our 2-hour themed party package is our most popular, the games are run
through our special interactive storybook but we also include additional advanced games matching your theme. This additional 30 minutes allows us to have more time for these advanced games and face painting.

For our themed character parties, we don’t charge extra for additional children however, we do have recommendations within the time frame (the more children you have the longer games and face painting etc. will take.) We don’t want anyone to miss out.

Did you know? We’re a little different to most entertainment companies, we always arrive 30
minutes before the party commences (when booked at the start of a party), so that we can greet the guests as they arrive. This gives you the time to finish those last-minute preparations in peace!

Does this sound like the perfect party?

Please contact us today to check our availability and for pricing options; just add your preferred
package to the ‘My List’ function and fill in your event details. When you submit this, this gets sent directly to us, we’ll check our availability and send you a sample event schedule so you can see exactly what a party with Always Eventive can look like.

Why choose Always Eventive?

  • Our packages are designed to support you;
  • When booked at the start of the party, we arrive 30 minutes before the party commence, which is incorporated within the price. This allows the entertainer to be there to support yourself but also to get to know the birthday child one-on-one. Sometimes having a birthday can be quite overwhelming for your child and this way your child can get to know their host, receive their face paint etc. before anyone arrives so as soon as your guests arrive your child is SUPER excited for their birthday.
  • We tailor the party to your child, their friends and what they love. We take the time to learn about your child’s personality and interests so that we can create an event that is unforgettable and unique. We include all those quirky little things that your child loves!
  • We provide name tags for each of your guests, this allows your host to know all your guests names! Can you picture their little faces when they realise their host knows their actual name!
  • All parties receive their own event schedule, this is just like a mini wedding run-sheet. It outlines all the party times; including what time to serve food to maximum your party. Each party is different, we tailor this schedule to your party requirements.